What To Do In Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, Hawaii is my absolute favorite island so far! The island is perfect for adventure and exploring. After my few trips there I still don’t consider myself an expert on Kauai, but I certainly know a few fun activities to do on the island.

Here are some of my favorite activities, and places to go in Kauai, Hawaii.



Queen’s Bath: Located on the north shore of the island, Queens Bath is where you can live out all your dreams of becoming a mermaid in a natural swimmable tide pool. I suggest getting there early in the morning (it opens at 7:00 am), as parking is limited and fills up quickly. Wear water shoes as the trail can get quite muddy (it even started to rain when I was there!) The hike isn’t too bad, just make sure you wear shoes that wont break (I speak from personal experience) and leave items that could easily get ruined behind. Be mindful that this can be dangerous and is not advised for weak swimmers or hikers.

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
The hike to Queen’s Bath

Secret beach: Also located on the north shore of the island, Secret beach is a bit hard to get to. Keep in mind when traveling with others with limited mobility. Essentially, you are hiking downhill with a few ropes already placed on the trail and a few railings here and there. The path is a bit steep, but a lot of fun for hiking fans. You end at a beautiful beach, perfect for swimming!

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The hike to Secret Beach

Poipu beach: Located on the southern part of the island Poipu beach is the best place for snorkeling and swimming. This beach is my absolute favorite beach.. ever. If you don’t go here on your trip to Kauai, you have to book a trip back, immediately. This beach is that amazing.

Turtles and seals commonly beach themselves here for an hour or so in the sun, and many schools of fish swim in knee-deep water. This is the perfect place for snorkeling.

Hike: Literally hike anywhere. There are trails all over the island for varying hiking skill levels. Weather you want to explore caves or hike sandy cliffs there are trails for you!

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From my favorite hike along a cliff side and beach

Na Pali Coast boat tour: Weather you want to explore caves and snorkel or relax on a catamaran, a boat tour is a must. If you’re a Pirates of the Caribbean fan like I am, you’ll get to see almost all the caves they filmed in for the movies. (Fun fact: Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed in multiple locations on Kauai!)

Boat tour / aesthetically pleasing wallpaper.. you’re welcome
Na Pali coast boat tour cliff side No.1
Na Pali coast boat tour cliff side No.2
Na Pali coast boat tour cliff side No.3
Boat aesthetics

Fern Grotto: Located on the eastern side of the island, the Fern Grotto is a destination wedding spot and feels like a mythical scene from a fairytale. For sure a must see for any nature lover!

Farmers’ markets: Stock up on some locally grown fresh fruit and vegetables! I love trying tropical fruit, and it is the best when you can get it as fresh as possible! There are also a bunch of local food vendors selling small plates, or even my favorite, pineapple soft serve. Made completely from frozen white pineapple, this is my favorite treat after a long beach day!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Farmers’ market fresh
Pineapple sticky rice with lychee, almond butter and coconut
Lychee chia seed pudding

Those are some of the activities and places I love in Kauai, Hawaii! See you in my next post, but before I go here are some pictures from the plane, because it would not be my blog post without them:



— Marianne


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