Marianne started her blog in 2017 to share her love of traveling, fashion and vegan food with a larger audience. She became inspired to do so after reading her sister’s blog posts and those from bloggers she follows on social media.

“The Fashion Bean” is a travel based blog where Marianne offers style inspiration for traveling (or everyday), travel tips, and stories from her personal travels, as well as sharing her passion for veganism. Weather you are planning for a trip, need some inspiration, just want to look at pictures of food, or are in need of a good laugh.. “The Fashion Bean” is the place to go!

Through Marianne’s blog she hopes to inspire others to join her on a vegan lifestyle of compassion for animals, others and the environment. She strives to make each of her readers feel as if they are talking to her as friends, not followers. She hopes each reader can feel inspired to create their own happiness after reading her posts.

A little background on Marianne: A recent high school grad, Marianne is continuing her education to pursue English and dance at the collegiate level.

Social Medias:

Instagram: thefashionbean

Photography Instagram: mari.image

Twitter: thefashionbean

YouTube: Marianne